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Our Mission

Our team is committed to providing effective, streamlined, and industry-standard IT solutions to help our clients improve their software and network performances. From scratch to unparalleled results, we make sure to maximize our resources to arrive at our concrete goals.

Emergent Technologies is an engineering firm based in Accokeek, Maryland, specializing in communications and IT services, consulting, and support to the U.S government and private clients. Our services encompass system engineering, software engineering, network engineering, and analytical support. 

Our team of experienced software engineers is an expert with all phases of system design, development, documentation, testing, deployment, and operational support. Moreover, we provide analytical and mission support personnel who have an in-depth knowledge of communications technologies. We will also analyze your business structure and work toward achieving your goals. Our support services span cyber operations, analytical support, mission support, and project management. 

Our staff has the expertise, skills, and experience to support our clients’ mission and the infrastructure used to support these goals. Our knowledge of current and emerging communications and network technologies, along with efficient processing capabilities, enables us to serve as a valuable resource to our clients in every project, from requirements generation through operations and maintenance.

Our goal at Emergent Technologies is to provide our clients with the most talented individuals in the field while building a reputation as a first-class company that offers superior service through our knowledge, experience, and determination. Through this approach, we have enjoyed a high degree of success, supporting some of the most critical, technologically complex, and high-risk missions for our customers.

“When you work with Emergent Technologies, you benefit from our in-depth market experience, strong industry alliances, and the certified expertise of our technology professionals. We’ve spent years developing our network of partnerships with customers and leading technology providers. This wealth of accumulated resources and experience adds value to every solution we provide.”
-Corey Lee, Founder


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