Business and Technology Services

Comprehensive and efficient installation solutions for government or private agencies.

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Design and Planning

Developing a concrete plan that focuses on your organization’s technological needs.

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Project Engineering

From design to implementation, our systems engineers ensure a streamlined process.

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Making sure all changes to a site are well-implemented for the public to see.

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Promoting a smooth and timely integration of network changes into your systems.

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Industry-leading support services that leverage advanced technology and practices.

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Support Collaboration Portal

Real-time support to analyze your system’s performance in a hosted environment.

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Helping your collaborate and improve productivity and flexibility safely and effectively.

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Introducing Emergent Technologies, Inc.

Emergent Technologies, Inc. has seen the gaps in several organizations with their software or network systems. With our comprehensive technological solutions, we aim to share our expertise to help these entities develop a strategic plan, ensure a seamless implementation process, and produce accurate and efficient results.

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OUR RECENT PROJECTS project portfolio

Take a look at our completed projects with our clients from multiple industries. Through our systems engineers and other IT professionals, we deliver the best possible results beyond expectations.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our team is committed to providing effective, streamlined, and industry-standard IT solutions to help our clients improve their software and network performances. From scratch to unparalleled results, we make sure to maximize our resources to arrive at our concrete goals.

About Us
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Our Clients

Reseller Agreements

  • CACI
  • curtis
  • Sigma Subu
  • id tech
  • Pacstar
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Integrity Global Solutions


  • Bae Systems
  • Raytheon
  • CACI
  • Microsoft
  • General Dynamics
  • id tech
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Amentum

CLIENTS | Government

  • Office Of Director Of National Intelligence